10 Reasons to Wish Your Ex a Happy Birthday

The end of a romantic relationship does not always mean the end of a story. Certainly, the page has been turned, but perhaps not the chapter. Whoever enters our life, they always leave their mark, even after they leave. 

I am often asked if, after a breakup, "Should I wish my ex a happy birthday". I would say without hesitation that it depends on the context of your breakup: did you separate on good terms, or was it rather confrontational? 

Of course, if you were still getting along just fine, then there's no reason not to go for it and get back to your ex. Otherwise, stay calm and be cordial. However, if your goal is to win them back, do so tactfully.

But how to go about it? And why should you wish your ex a happy birthday?

10 Reasons to Wish Your Ex a Happy Birthday

10 Reasons you should wish your ex a happy birthday

Not everyone shares the same opinion about reconnecting with their ex after a breakup. If you're thinking of doing this, don't throw yourself into a vacuum, wait for the perfect moment to get started. Their birthday may be the right occasion, so don't miss it! Here are the reasons you should wish your ex a happy birthday:

1. Write an SMS to reconnect

With your ex, you have lost sight of each other since your breakup and have not exchanged words. We can even say that a cold has settled between you two, so you want to restore the communication that was once solid and benevolent. It will not be easy, but as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day. Sending a message to your ex on their birthday can be an effective way to forge a new bond.

2. Remember the birth date as proof of interest

f your partner has felt neglect, lack of interest, or time on your part in your relationship, and this is one of the causes of your separation, let them know how much you have learned from your mistakes. Take out your best cards on their birthday and send them sweet nothings. This will prove to your ex that they still matter to you.

3. Send a sweet message to maintain a good relationship

Not cutting ties with an ex after a breakup can be difficult, and not impossible. Some couples always remain on good terms, continue to see each other, and exchange from time to time. If you are one of them, don't forget to send them your wishes on their birthday, it would be rather strange of you if you don't do it by the way.

4. Wishing a happy birthday in memory of the times spent together

Any relationship, however painful its end, always contains good times. It would be a shame to miss the birthday of your ex-partner to remind them of the good times you shared in the past, something to revive nostalgia in them. If you have already celebrated their birthday together, place a few words in memory of an event or a place that marked them.

5. Surprise your ex with a birthday message

Wishing your ex a happy birthday by sending them a text message will undoubtedly have effects for sure, they will be surprised by your gesture as they did not expect it. Send them a warm and friendly message and write a text that is as deep as it is sincere. However, do not go overboard, the idea is to remain cordial throughout your message. Don't beat around the bush, but be direct and straight to the point.

6. Reconnecting with your ex to spend the birthday party together

After your separation, complete silence. No more contact from any side. Even though months have passed, you still can't forget your ex. It's time to put an end to this situation, so what better than to send them a little message on their birthday? This is a good idea, especially if you want to get them back, but once your message has been sent, resume silence even if they reply. This will pique their interest in you.

7. Rekindle the flame of love between you two

After a moment of separation, you reconnected with your ex. You have evolved and matured on each of your sides, and your communication is starting to improve. Ready to leave the blunders of the past behind you and reconnect? Why not take advantage of this situation to win back your love? Surprising them on their birthday or enthusiastically sending them your wishes is a good start to recreating your bond, and who knows a new love story could begin.

8. Send a happy birthday after a fight with your ex

Following a quarrel, it is always difficult to take the first step and find the right words. Wishing your ex a birthday can be a great excuse to restore communication between you. Show them that you are no longer angry and that the argument is a thing of the past. If your breakup is recent, it may not last long. Otherwise, your birthday message will surely surprise your ex-partner.

9. Send your birthday wishes, because you are colleagues

Some couples formed in college or high school, and others met in a professional environment. If you are one of the latter, then it is obvious that you often meet on the premises of your office. But once separated, how to react to this situation especially when your ex's birthday falls on a workday? Don't worry! Stay calm and send them your birthday wishes at a time when you can find yourself alone.

10. Send a humorous message to amuse your ex on their birthday

The end of your story did not affect your relationship with your ex. Besides, their birthday is coming up soon, so why not send them a very humorous message to stand out? However, you have to set the bar high if you want this to work and open up to a text exchange. Make good use of humor to be able to make an impression, but while remaining subtle.

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