19 Painful Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back

"I know my ex will never come back, but I still can't move on.

If you recognized yourself in this sentence, do not worry, because the entirety of this article will allow you to overcome this blockage that you are experiencing and which prevents you from moving on in your life.

But above all, are you sure that they will never come back?

19 Painful Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back

Signs your ex will never come back

The last sign that I will reveal to you is a sign that you have never seen elsewhere, and that will make you realize several things that you do not understand in your ex's behavior.

Before you start to see the signs that they will never come back, I want to warn you that several of them cross paths: you'll see similarities there, and that's perfectly normal, because the signs that your ex will never come back can change depending on of each situation.

1. They cut off all contact

Among the signs your ex will never come back, this one is particularly evocative.

Cutting off all contact with you is a clear signal that your ex no longer wants to hear from you and that they don't want to come back to you.

There is no need to force anything here because the more you try to go towards them, the further away they will go from you (and unfortunately not, the fact that you don't "chase" them anymore will not make them want to come back to you).

2. They're not one to go back on their decisions

"My ex won't go back on their decision, I know them."

I very often hear this sentence that I experienced with my ex-girlfriend.

The fact that your ex no longer goes back on their decisions is generally a protection that they have built up to protect themself: it is a choice on their part that allows them not to regret their decisions and to move on more quickly.

That's why it's one of the signs that they will never come back: going back on this decision risks turning their whole way of thinking and acting upside down, and that's the last thing they wish for after a breakup.

3. There was no ambiguity in the breakup

Ambiguity is a sign that your ex can potentially come back to you, but I'll come back to that again a bit further down.

For now, let's see if there is ANY ambiguity in your breakup.

Simply put, if your ex was very direct with you and left no room for interpretation during your breakup, then that's one of the signs that they will never come back to you.

4. They are happy in their new life

They are happy in their new life

Happiness is an ideal that we all seek, and this is the reason why your ex would not want to come back to you if they are already very happy in their new life.

It's not that you are a source of misfortune for them (far from it!), it's just that there is a greater risk for them to suffer by coming back to you rather than by continuing their current life.

The reason comes from the fact that their new ideal of life no longer corresponds to what your couple brought.

It is not a bad thing in itself, and you have nothing to do with it: their way of perceiving life has just changed and nothing else.

5. They blocked you

You spoke regularly with your ex and still followed each other on social media despite the breakup, but they recently blocked you. Interpret this sign as an unequivocal message: apart from the fact that they no longer want to stay in contact with you, they also no longer want you to know what is going on in their life.

6. They are cold and distant from you

Your ex no longer responds to your messages with the same speed as before and, when they do, it's in a very cold manner, without any emotion.

You even come to think that the person you are talking to is not the person you have known for all these years, and having experienced it, it is a rather unpleasant feeling for life.

In this situation, your ex needs to distance themself to be able to recharge their batteries and move on: they do not react in this way to make you suffer, they react in this way to avoid suffering more from the situation because this rupture impacted them badly.

7. You no longer have any contact with your ex's family.

How do you know if your ex will never come back? Observe the behavior of their relatives.

Their family no longer speaks to you overnight?
Does your favorite sister-in-law no longer have time for your shopping sprees?

It's even possible that they have already welcomed your ex's new partner with open arms.

A breakup with someone is also a time when you will break up with a whole group: your ex's friends and family will inevitably, in one way or another, distance themselves from you.

8. Their way of behaving with you has changed drastically

Their way of behaving with you has changed drastically

It joins the sign that they will never come back n°6 in the sense that you have this bitter feeling that your ex has become another person with you.

In itself, you necessarily expect it, because the fact of going from the status of a couple to the status of an ex necessarily implies a behavior change.

But unfortunately, some behaviors are harder to digest, and the best way for you to behave is to be indifferent, at least in appearance at first.

9. They didn't give you their new number

"My ex changed their number but they didn't give me their new contact details"

It's a clear sign that they don't care about you and will never come back. This change of contact number is even for them a perfect opportunity to cut off contact definitively.

By doing so, your ex has put a stop to you. You have to mourn your ex-love and move on.

So, respect their choice and do not seek to obtain their new number from their relatives or by bombarding them with messages on the networks.

10. They moved away from you for good

The turning away is one of the signs that they will never come back, to say the least radical: your ex is now physically distant from you by several hundred or even thousands of kilometers for a period that can be infinite.

The worst thing to do in this kind of situation is to wait for something to happen, or worse, to provoke fate by also moving to be closer to your ex or to go directly to meet your ex on time for a few days.

Long-distance love in itself is not something unthinkable, but after a breakup, it's a whole other story that is better to drop: winning back from a distance is impossible.

11. They express their resentment toward you

They express their resentment toward you

Does your ex blame you as soon as he sees you? They can't manage to maintain a relationship without animosity and forgive your past mistakes? Whether it's from the breakup or deep-seated emotional wounds, this mindset and character are signs that they will never come back.

12. They run away from you when they meet you on the street

It's normal for your ex to ignore you at the start of your breakup. The separation needs to be acted upon physically and emotionally. That's why they won't reply to your messages.

But if they change sidewalks when they pass you on the street, that's a sign that they moved on and will never come back.

When your ex pretends not to have seen you, do not run after them. You risk making a fool of yourself or even being hurt by their reaction.

13. They are not interested in you at all anymore

Indifference is the emotional state you should aim for when trying to get over your ex: it's the absence of both negative and positive emotions.

If your ex has reached this emotional level with you, it's one of the signs that they will never come back because thinking about you now makes them neither hot nor cold, and restarting the machine will then be very (too) complicated for them. Think about it.

14. They got rid of everything related to your past life

They got rid of everything related to your past life

If your ex got all their things back and returned yours (including gifts), that's a very meaningful action that leaves no room for hope because it's a sign that they will never come back. It may also be that your former-in-laws no longer speak to you, although you had a good relationship until then.

15. They told you it was over

This ties in with the sign that they will never come back n°3: your ex has been extremely clear with you several times that your relationship is over.

The worst thing to do in this case would be to voluntarily misinterpret their decision and enter into a form of denial making you firmly believe that they will reconsider their decision in a few weeks or even a few months.

(Caution concerning denial: the stages of mourning in love do not exist, which is why I spoke of a form of denial and not denial as a stage.)

16. They tell you about their love stories

They tell you about their love stories

Your ex and you have kept a good relationship and you meet regularly. It gives you hope that things can still work out between you.

Except that over a cup of coffee, they tell you they met a great someone and are falling in love with them. You get it, your ex doesn't care about you. Worse, they friend-zoned you.

For them, you no longer represent a possible love but rather a good friend to whom they can tell their stories of the heart.

17. They don't mention you anymore

After a breakup, it is common to ask for news about your ex. And their family is a disguised way to know a little more about their moves. It is also a way to find out if your ex is doing the same thing. When they no longer talk about you to those around them, it is to protect themselves but also because they may want to forget the relationship.

18. They don't react to your advances

This reaction is a form of indifference your ex has developed towards you: no matter what you do, they will not react because they know you are trying to get them back.

It's a form of indifference because they're just protecting themselves: that is, they may still feel something for you, but they prefer to repress their emotions.

No need to go any further because if your ex still had strong feelings for you, they wouldn't be so insensitive to your advances.

19. They have an Avoidant type of attachment

According to attachment theory, there are 3 types of attachments for a person: anxious, avoidant, and secure.

If your ex has an Avoidant type of attachment (which is also highly probable), the simple fact that you broke up is a liberation for them, and the more you try to get them back, the more satisfied they will be with their decision to break up with you.

How do you know if he will ever come back?

The signs that your ex will come back are not numerous and can be summed up in only 2 points that we will see from now on.

1. You have already broken up one or more times before

This type of pattern is quite common: you will break up following a strong argument then, a few days or even a few weeks later you will get back together, until the next breakup.

In this case, your ex may want to get back together again.

The question to ask here is not if your ex will come back, but rather if you should let your ex come back.

Arguing to find each other better and thus spice up the couple is not something good and shows signs of a type of anxious attachment in you and your ex as well.

This type of behavior in a relationship is toxic, and it is more important for you if you find yourself in this situation to understand why you are acting this way.

2. Your breakup was ambiguous

Nothing is more complicated for a loving recovery than an ambiguous breakup.

For what? 

Because that's not part of one of the signs that they'll come back, but at the same time it's also not part of one of the signs that they will never come back.

It's a bit like playing Russian roulette.

From a psychological point of view, your ex didn't deliberately make this breakup ambiguous: they “just” want to keep you around in case they don't manage to meet someone else.

If your ex is ambiguous after a breakup, it's simply because they want to keep you around "in case."

Detecting an ambiguous breakup is quite simple in itself. Did your ex make it clear that it was over between you? Aren't they blowing hot and cold with you and still behaving like you're a couple?

These are the most common signs, and they only sum up to one thing: your ex is afraid of the future, and you are their spare wheel.

How do I know if my ex wants to come back?

The real problem here is not the signs: I'm sure you already knew them all without really having put words to them.

The real problem is the fear of making a mistake while moving on.

You're afraid that you'll find out later that your ex wanted to get back with you, and that's okay.

If you're convinced deeply that your ex will never come back, don't wait for them: your instincts are good, even if you would have preferred them to tell you that they're coming back.

You have lived a long time with them, and you know deep down whether they will come back or not, regardless of the signs that they will come back or the signs that they will never come back.

You must now dare to move on, dare to trust yourself: today you can move forward, move on and recover your joie de vivre.

You just need a little help, a little push.

What should you do if you know your ex will never come back?

"Is it over with my ex?"

For me, the answer is yes, and has been for a long time now.

The most important thing today is to understand where you are about this breakup and to find yourself at the same time.

Go into radio silence now, take back control of the situation, and no longer let your ex dictate your emotions.

Why do you suffer so much from this breakup?

What's stopping you from moving on?

This is one of the many questions you need to ask yourself during your radio silence and which will bring you true peace of mind.

The most important thing is to put your love breakup into perspective and get rid of this suffering by recovering your joy of living: your joy of living did not with your ex, I guarantee it.

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