Dominican Girls: Best Tips to Get a Dominican Girlfriend

How to get a Dominican Girlfriend? And what are the best ways to seduce Dominican girls? The Dominican Republic is famous for the beauty of its girls. For this reason, many men dream of successfully dating a Dominican woman. That’s great: that’s what we’ll explain to you in this article.

The advice on seducing a woman in the Dominican Republic is clearly about “normal” girls. If you want to use paid services with a Latina girl, you do not need our help for that.

Dominican Girls: Best Tips to Get a Dominican Girlfriend

The mentality of Dominican girls

In Dominica, the mentality of a Dominican woman is quite fashionable cool and relaxed. Due to the insular nature of the country, people are in no rush and take their time to get things done, including when it comes to cruising. There is hardly any stress in the country and everyone seems happy, despite not having much.

If you stay in the tourist areas people will be very nice to you. They will do everything they can to help you. Sometimes out of sheer kindness. But in other situations, since people are poor, they will help you, hoping that you will give them some money as a reward. Always try to donate a little money, it’s only a few dollars for you, but a lot for them.

When you leave the tourist spots, mindsets in the Dominican Republic become very different. Most people live in poverty hidden from tourists. While some people will be happy to meet “white,” for others you will be “rich filthy white” for dressing.

Always inquire about the places you want to visit if you leave your hotel. Never go to dangerous places and always try to be accompanied by a guide. While the majority of people have a welcoming mindset, poverty may cause some people to see you only as a free-spirited bank giving out tickets for free.

How to please Dominican girls and seduce them?

How to please Dominican girls and seduce them?

If you want to easily seduce a Dominican girl, then it will not be too complicated. Just being a foreigner makes you unique. However, if you’re in a tourist area, most girls won’t be fooled – they’ll know that you only want to sleep with them and that you don’t want anything serious.

You will then only have access to prostitutes, as it is difficult to sleep with a “normal” Dominican woman. Almost all of them are looking for a serious love relationship, to leave the country.

To win the heart of a “normal” woman in Dominica in the tourist areas, therefore, you will have to not be a tourist or be a little tricky. For example, you can pretend you live in the country. But usually, the girl will want to see you several times at sufficiently long intervals to be sure that you live in the country.

If you go out of tourist areas then it will be much easier to meet women. But then you run the risk of lack of security if you go to bad neighborhoods. The best way to find a woman outside the tourist area is to use a specialist dating site like Dominican Cupid, which will allow you to bring the woman you like to your secure tourist area.

The leisure of a Dominican woman

The leisure of a Dominican woman

If you’re visiting Dominica, your favorite activities will probably be snorkeling, afternoon sunbathing on the beach, and sipping on cocktails. But if you like it, it is because you are just a passing tourist. For the Dominican girls who have lived on the island her whole life, things are different.

Sunbathing on the beach is not at all unique, it is a trifle. Diving is expensive. And drink cocktails in off-budget bars.

Dominican girls tend to appreciate simple things, mainly due to a lack of finances. Eating out is very rare, people tend to eat out with friends at home. The same would be true when it comes to drinking glasses.

Things are different here too. This type of activity is still very small in the country, due to the lack of infrastructure for it. And if we talk about shopping and fashion, we will realize that this is not a country that Dominican girls like because of the high temperatures that force people to wear light and simple things.

If you are trying to seduce a Dominican girl, you have the card to play by offering an elaborate restaurant, drinks at the bar, a trip to the cinema, etc. It won’t cost you much, but it will have the biggest impact on the girl you want.

Things to avoid saying or doing with Dominican girls

Things to avoid saying or doing with Dominican girls

Like we said above, just being “white” will give you a huge alluring edge with a Dominican girl. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do it your way.

There are some things you should avoid saying if you don’t want to shock the women you are trying to seduce. Here are some examples :
  • The Dominican Republic and Dominica. In this article, we are intentionally mixing these two countries for the sake of simplicity. However, don’t make the mistake of mixing these two countries when trying to seduce a Dominican woman. It’s like telling a Canadian that he is French or a Swiss that he is Belgian.
  • The poverty of the country. Stepping out of tourist areas, you will notice poverty everywhere. Do not mention it during your discussions. Instead, say that you are happy to see an authentic corner.
  • The cheap cost of living. The prices are low because you are a foreigner. But for a Dominican, the cost of living is reaching astronomical heights. It’s a bit like the minimum wage is 300 € per month in Us. Would you be able to live on that amount?
  • You are there to sleep with as many Dominican girls as possible. Big mistake! It’s a tourist spot and if you want to have sex with a girl who isn’t a prostitute, then this is the thing you absolutely must not say.
  • Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The two countries are side by side on the same island of Hispaniola. For example, you can see on Google Maps the border between the two countries following the deforestation of the Haitian part of the island. The two people do not like each other too much. Avoid talking about Haiti, as this might create unnecessary tension in the discussion.

Marry a beautiful woman from the Dominican Republic

Marry a beautiful woman from the Dominican Republic

Some men just want to communicate with the Dominican girls, while others, more seriously, think about marrying a beautiful woman from the Dominican Republic.

If you want to marry a Dominican woman, it will not be really difficult. Because of the poverty of the country, many women dream of marrying a foreign man. However, do not be naive in marrying a Dominican woman.

The main concern of most girls in the Dominican Republic when marrying a foreigner is to obtain papers to leave their country and have a better life elsewhere. If some people want to marry you because they love you, most girls won’t.

So know that there is a good chance that a girl who accepts marriage will do so for self-interest. Perhaps you will find the rare pearl, the golden bride, but please do not be naive.

Where to meet women in the Dominican Republic?

If you want to meet women in the Dominican Republic to apply our seduction tips, you won’t have any other option than to travel to the country. There is indeed only a very small Dominican diaspora in the world and this is mainly concentrated in the United States.

If you live in Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Canada, you may occasionally have the opportunity to meet a national of the country. However, she will often have refugee status and will have to come accompanied by her husband or children.

We realize that it can be a big budget for some people to travel to the Dominican Republic or Dominica. But don’t worry, there is a very practical solution for dating Dominican girls: the internet.

Dating Dominican Republic Girls Online

Dating Dominican Republic Girls Online

If you don’t have the option of traveling to the Dominican Republic or Dominica, you can always try a dating website. For this, it will be necessary to use a specialized platform that allows Dominican Republic girls who especially wish to meet foreigners to come into contact with them.

And even if you are planning to visit the country, it is always best to start preparing the ground ahead by already starting to make contacts from a distance. This will allow you to directly meet the girls you like when you arrive in the country.

We can only recommend the excellent Dominican Cupid. if you want to meet Dominican women remotely. It is the go-to site in the country for girls who want to meet a foreign man. Most women who want to find a non-Dominican man are listed on it. And some of them are ready to come and visit you in your country if they like you.

What social networks do Dominican girls use?


This single Dominican woman, due to her limitations in staying to visit childhood friends, work, or the surrounding environment, is connected all day and interacts via WhatsApp.

This social network allows them to do household chores, errands, etc. And it is a thing that you should take advantage of every day until she notices that you are interested in her, and fill it with compliments and interest.


The new fashion for everyone is to feel like a famous person. Nothing could be more social, and interesting, for girls than Instagram.

What are you waiting for? So, take advantage of your Instagram account and start meeting all these beautiful Dominicans, who love to be filled with compliments, in the comments.

Facebook social network:

I would say it is the oldest and where you can easily flirt, with girls from middle and lower-class society. As this network is more personal. Where you will see their habits and tastes.


The latter is something innovative, as you will see the funny side of your girl and understand how you hold her to your events. And maybe you'll also learn to look more playful. Because Dominican girls love funny boys.

Conclusion on how to get a Dominican girlfriend

Here we are at the end of our article on seducing Dominican girls. As you may have noticed, there is absolutely no rocket science about seducing a girl in Dominica. If you follow our advice, you will have no problem occupying the land.

Seducing women in the Dominican Republic is easier than in other countries. That is why you should not be afraid. Take your courage with both hands and everything will be fine. Dominican girls are open-minded and ready to meet strangers.

Just watch your behavior. If you come into American Mode thinking you are the king of the world, it won’t work. The only girls who would blow up, in this case, are the prostitutes.

Be careful when leaving the tourist areas. The country is not known to be safe outside of these places. To avoid problems, try to meet girls in advance on the Internet. And when you feel connected to a woman, offer to come to the tourist area. This will help you avoid most risks.

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