Do Men Like Flowers? Can You Give Flowers to Men?

Do men like flowers? It is this question that very often arises among women. In principle, the answer to it is quite obvious: remember the traditional carnations for war veterans or the luxurious bouquets for Olympic champions, which are presented at the presentation of medals. 

And the number of colors for male artists (actors, singers, ballet stars, etc.) is impossible to count. Well, why can’t you give them to other men? You can, because everyone likes flowers! Therefore, if you want to give a bouquet to a man, you can safely go to a floristry salon.

Do Men Like Flowers? Can You Give Flowers to Men?

Do men like flowers?

According to research by American florists, six out of ten men love flowers, and they would love to receive them as a gift. But this does not mean at all that the other 4 men would refuse them. After all, flowers are created for everyone to like. 

The thing is that from time immemorial, agricultural work and hunting were entrusted to men, and a vegetable garden and a garden with flowers were assigned to women. And it was from that time that men, seeing how women are happy to see each blossoming bud, realized that it was flowers that were a win-win gift for a woman.

One of the ancient Arab legends says that Satan, seeing Eve’s admiration for flowers, created precious stones. He realized that people are attracted to colorful things. But since flowers are very common and all people can enjoy their beauty, the cunning Satan decided to hide the precious stones, hoping that when he found them, everyone would be delighted. And he created shimmering stones that were like flowers and scattered them all over the world. 

Through this, he brought a new temptation to humanity, which very often pushes people to commit crimes. It is this legend that explains the reason that the “best friends of girls” are flowers and diamonds, because according to legend, one was created in the likeness of the other.

And the fact that men did not grow flowers and did not allow themselves to admire them for a long time does not mean at all that luxurious fragrant buds did not evoke pleasant emotions in them. Moreover, the reaction to flowers and jewelry is the same for men and women. 

Can you give flowers to men?

And even florists say that men use their services very often, and not always their goal is a gift to a woman, but also a simple decoration of their home. And the fact that sometimes men choose for themselves such a hobby as the cultivation of fresh flowers is no longer something unusual. Remember, at least, such a person as Nero Wolfe – the legendary hero of detectives, who was passionately passionate about growing orchids.

From all of the above, we can say for sure that you can give flowers to men. But if you decide to give a bouquet to a representative of the stronger sex, it is advisable to observe some rules of etiquette.

One of the main rules of etiquette is that if a man is not the hero of the occasion (the premiere of a concert, name day, and others), then a woman cannot give flowers to a man. Also, she should not give flowers if the man’s age is less than hers. 

The rules of our time do not have special restrictions on the gift of flowers. But you need to observe them: you need to give flowers with your left hand. In the case of presenting flowers to the hero of the day, next to whom his wife is located, it is necessary to give flowers to her (the exception is cases when the bouquet is an element of the male composition, namely, cognac or something else is an additional element to them).

When a woman gives a man flowers?

As already mentioned, flowers are given to men on the occasion of an anniversary. Also, they can be given in the event of a celebration, which is arranged on the occasion of any success in a man’s life. It can be a sports victory, the end of a project or important business, a major concert, or any other event.

And if the conversation is about a beloved man, then Spouse’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or the anniversary of your relationship can be an excellent reason to give flowers. Although, if we talk about flowers for a loved one, then the rules are not appropriate here. In this case, you need to listen to the prompts of the heart – you can give flowers on a date at least every time. And really, why refuse it, if both he and you like it?

As for work, here you can give flowers to the manager when congratulating him on his anniversary, Boss Day, or during a professional holiday. And if you decide to give a gift to the whole team, then flowers will be an excellent addition.

When a woman gives a man flowers?

What flowers do males like?

What is true, for a gift to a man, familiar, laconic, and strict flowers – carnations – are immediately presented. But this option does not exist, but there are a lot of them. After all, it is unlikely that carnations will be a good gift solution to your leader, who is celebrating his 55 years. 

Here roses will be more appropriate, and a large and luxurious bouquet. Flowers for men are considered: delphiniums, bamboos, anthuriums, lilies, gladioli, carnations, orchids, and calla lilies. Also, chrysanthemums, tulips, and dahlias can be a good options.

Great importance should be given to color because flowers of a pastel or delicate color are more suitable for a woman, and for a man you need to choose blue, purple, maroon, red, or white colors. At the same time, in addition to being bright, they must have a fairly dark and saturated color.

And if we talk about smaller events, then a man needs to be presented with one, but a large flower. It should be long-stemmed and have a large inflorescence. In this case, orchids, large roses, calla lilies, or gladioli are suitable.

What bouquet to give a man?

What bouquet to give a man?

As already mentioned, a lush bouquet is not suitable for a man. The best option would be a bouquet that will have a linear design and will not have unnecessary decorations that will create a fluffy effect. Moreover, bouquets, the packaging of which is decorated with lace patterns, bows, butterflies, and the like, will not work. 

The best option is a simple bunch of colored ribbons, which can be tied with a beautiful knot. As for the form, it can be vertical, with strict and clear lines. Although florists can create an excellent floral arrangement for a man, it is not advisable to combine different types of flowers in a bouquet.

For a male executive or a business partner, large bright flowers of rich or dark color are suitable, which are placed in a basket along with a bottle of expensive whiskey or some other gift.

For the anniversary of an adult man, maroon roses are perfect. And to congratulate a man in some business, a large and long flower is suitable.

So, for a boss, business partner, or friend on his professional holiday, in the event of an anniversary or other celebration, a man’s flower arrangement or bouquets in baskets are suitable, in addition to which there is another gift. 

For a beloved man on almost any occasion, you can give flowers but do not forget about the main differences between a bouquet for a man and a woman (its size, color scheme, decoration, design, bouquets should be laconic, clear, and strict, maybe even a little rough ).


Should a woman send flowers to a man?

Yes, a woman can certainly send flowers to a man. It can be a thoughtful gesture for any special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or just to show appreciation.

Do flowers make men happy?

Yes, flowers can make men happy. Receiving flowers is a sign of love and appreciation, and can be a very meaningful gesture to a man. Additionally, the sight and smell of flowers are known to have a calming effect, which can help reduce stress and elevate mood.

What does it mean when a woman gives a man flowers?

When a woman gives a man flowers, it typically means that she is expressing her affection for him. It can be seen as a romantic gesture, as flowers often symbolize love and appreciation. It can also be viewed as a kind and thoughtful gesture, as flowers can be seen as a way to brighten someone's day and show that you are thinking of them.

How do guys feel about receiving flowers?

Guys generally appreciate receiving flowers. Receiving flowers can show that someone was thinking about you and took the time to choose something special just for you. It can also show that the other person cares about you and wants to make you feel appreciated. For many people, flowers are a great way to show admiration and appreciation.

Do guys like flowers for Valentine's Day?

It depends on the guy. Some guys may appreciate a bouquet for Valentine's Day, while others may prefer something more practical. Ultimately, it’s best to get to know the person you’re gifting to find out what they would prefer.

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