Do Narcissists Cry? (Manipulation or Sadness?)

Do narcissists cry? Do narcissists pretend to cry? And if they cry, are their tears real? People usually cry when someone close to them is hurt or dies, when someone's feelings are hurt, or when they feel lonely. You might think narcissists don't cry. They do but for different reasons.

Do Narcissists Cry? (manipulation or sadness?)

Do narcissists cry?

You, as a normal person, associate feelings of crying with regret and weakness, but when the narcissist cries, his mind has developed the narrative that has occurred and directed his emotion toward himself only.

He cries for himself and that emotion has nothing to do with feelings of regret or missing you. Narcissists cry only because they see themselves as victims or because they have been wronged.

Every emotion is towards the ego, they don’t cry because they love you, but it’s a real loss for them that worth self-pity in their sick minds.

For example, when a narcissist loses his mother, he does not cry because she is dead or because he misses her, or because he will never see her again but because he became an orphan without a mother.

And when he cries for your separation from him, he cries because he is alone and no one cares about him.

The tears you see are real, but not for you, but for himself. The narcissist is a one-way torture machine: “crushing others.” It only hurts her that she is alone and made of iron.

So, don't be fooled when you see a narcissist crying, they are master manipulators. They are natural actors.

What does it mean when a narcissist cries?

You are the audience that always applause them, and they want you to be a part of their plays.

If you watch them patiently, you will notice how fake their tears are. They shout to deceive you.

They will find crying the best way to escape from confrontation. They cry because of their helplessness.

These people are miserable humans. Deep down, they feel hatred and disgust, even for themselves.

They realize that they are not as perfect as they claim to be. Their emotional numbness makes them jealous of anyone who can express their emotions freely.

Do narcissists cry when you leave them?

Do you notice that every time he felt like he was going to miss out on a good source of narcissistic supply – you – he starts crying?

The narcissist’s tears are real. But he didn't start crying for the reasons you thought.

He didn’t start crying because he felt sorry for what he did to you.

He didn't start crying because he loved you so much that he couldn't live without you.

Well, his life would be much more difficult if he had lost you as a source of narcissistic supply. But he never loved you.

He didn't feel sorry for anything he did to you. I think it deserves some ill-treatment.

He cried because he felt sorry for himself. He cried because he felt helpless. He cried because he wanted to trick you into staying.

What happens when you discard a covert narcissist?

What happens when you discard a covert narcissist?

They will stay calm and away no matter what happens. Usually, this coolness is just in front of you.

They don't want to put too much effort in front of you and act as if they care about something.

They will start crying when you threaten to leave them.

But when it comes to dramatic scenes of emotion and sadness, they're pretty good at it.

They will exaggerate and be the kindest person in the world or the saddest person.

Covert narcissists will be hard to spot because they don’t want to stand out from the crowd, but it will be obvious that these people are always attention-seeking.

The more secretive a narcissist is, the better he performs. His emotions will seem more credible.

These types of narcissists are the most malignant. If you stay with them any longer, the consequences will be dire for your mental health.

How does a narcissist react when they can't control you?

Did he succeed in doing that? Did you stay anyway? Yes, you probably did.

I probably stayed a few times because in those moments when I saw him crying, I immediately forgot the emotional abuse, and I felt sorry for him.

This is exactly what narcissists rely on. They want to feel your pity for them.

Playing the role of the victim suits them perfectly. And tears go well with this role.

Their tears are selfish and fake, like crocodile tears.

When they start crying, you become the bad guy or girl. They are manipulating you. Do you have the nerve to leave them? You should be ashamed of yourself!

This is what they want to make you believe in, they make you feel guilty even after you've left.

The next thing you’ve probably noticed is that their tears can easily turn into anger.

Once they notice that their pity trick isn’t working, they become angry. Their mask slips off, and from victims, they turn into abusers again.

They use scolding language on you, and at the same time, they can treat you kindly. They don't understand how you dare threaten to leave them.

When a narcissist cries at funerals, he may appear to be the most affected person.

He’ll cry out loud because it’s his way of getting attention in the form of sympathy.

The narcissist never cares about the deceased person, he only cries because he has lost the attention that person was giving him.

But there are some exceptions.

Can a Narcissist Change?

Can a Narcissist Change?

They hate, envy, and get angry, but they do not feel sorry for others.

The narcissist will not feel any sympathy for you. They will never change. They will not feel sorry for any mistake they make.

Do not suspect that you may be abused when you meet a narcissist and think they have the same empathy and emotions as normal people.

They're crying and their tears are real, but they only want your pity.

But don't be fooled by those crocodile tears!

Next time a narcissist starts crying, turn your face and leave!

You don't have time to waste watching cheap plays with pathetic actors.

In short, the narcissist is weak and does not deserve all this attention or intimidation, he is a person who tortures himself and tortures others with him, and the only solution is to sympathize with him and not take him seriously at all whatever he did.

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