How to Get Revenge on a Narcissist? 11 Subtle Ways

How to get revenge on a narcissist? How to punish a narcissist? As a rule, a person with such a character is quite a clever and cunning manipulator, So it might be very difficult to get revenge on him.

He is confident in his inimitability and impunity and does what only he needs.

The egoist does not recognize any opinion other than his own. He is confident in his ideals and uniqueness, and others should reckon with him.

Narcissistic people talk about themselves for a long time, and they are not at all interested in other people.

You have been tortured for a long time by this narcissist. Now you want to learn how to take revenge on and humiliate a narcissist and make them taste their poison? 

I know that your desire to take revenge on a narcissist is strong, especially if he has offended you or someone you care about. Now, you will learn how to hurt a narcissist and get revenge on him, although it is not an easy game because you risk getting a strong reaction from him. 

Therefore, in this article, we will answer three important questions about your relationship
 with a narcissist:
  • How to get revenge on a narcissist?
  • What is the best way to outsmart a narcissist?
  • How to humiliate a narcissist?
How to Get Revenge on a Narcissist? 11 Subtle Ways

The best ways to get revenge on a narcissist

1. Think about it first. Listen

It takes a lot of time and effort to get revenge on a narcissist. Right now, you are emotional. You want revenge, which I fully understand. You cannot do this by being a hot mess. Before you take another step, you need to be calm because otherwise, you may make many big mistakes that will not do you any good.

2. Put feelings aside

This point is very important. You must remove any emotion you had for this person. If this was your partner, you must understand that he only uses you for his good. If you are emotional, you will easily fall back into his trap, which is what he will try to do.

3. Take time to understand them

Yes, this person is a narcissist, but that’s not enough. If you want to know how to offend a narcissist, you need to know how they tick, what is going on in their heads, and where their weaknesses lie. Stop thinking that they are taller than you. Instead, take them for who they are.

This means that you need to look at them objectively to find out their vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Once you know them, use this information against them.

4. Focus on their flaws

Narcissists are self-obsessed, which means they know their strengths and weaknesses very well. However, this also means that they are very vulnerable and hide their insecurities with extreme confidence.

Use this point to curb their ego, as this is the first step to understanding how easy it is to destroy them if done correctly. Instead of focusing on compliments, focus on their vulnerabilities and flaws without offending them directly.

5. Treat them the way they treat you

If you want a narcissist to feel bad, treat them the way they treat you. This is the best way to offend them. Do exactly what they do for you. If they are cold, be cold with them. If they ignore you, ignore them. Also, use silent healing, stay away from them, and have a good time without them.

6. Give them just enough attention

Although you will sometimes insult them and make fun of their shortcomings, sometimes you will also need to give them some attention to keep them close to you. This will inevitably drive them crazy, as they won't be able to tell if you're subservient to them or just the opposite. However, don't expect them to change because they won't, as they will always think they are right.

7. Make them question your feelings for them

They thought you were obsessed with them, they thought you were holding their fingers. That's the whole point of their relationship with you if you haven't noticed. Therefore, you will have to put them in a situation where they always think and wonder if you love them or not.

8. Criticize them in front of people

However, do not be upset, If you want to humiliate them a little, let them know that they are not as smart as they think. They need constant approval to ego boost, so you should do the opposite. Make sure you are not too obvious and ignore it.

9. Focus on yourself

If you want the best revenge and to punish a narcissist, focus on yourself. They want you to think about them constantly, but when they see you happy, interacting with people, laughing, and enjoying your life, this is what makes them feel hurt.

Self-esteem and self-confidence are things they can’t handle in a partner, and that’s why they chose you. They saw you as someone weak. But you are not. So, move on because it will sting them.

10. Don’t expect a change

This guy or girl is narcissistic. They won't be changing anytime soon. Sorry for the bad news. It's a personality disorder, and if they don't realize it and are willing to seek treatment, they will never change. It means you have to be the one who changes.

Decide if you want to be with them or not. If you want to stay with them, know that this is the type of behavior you will have to deal with daily.

11. Recognize red flags

Next time you meet someone, look for red flags, which are possibly narcissistic. If you have run into one on a personal level, chances are you will run into another. Know the red flags and look at yourself to see why you attract them.

Now that you know how to hurt and take revenge on a narcissist, you just need to decide if this is something you want to do or if it would be better for you to stay away.

What is the best way to outsmart a narcissist?

What is the best way to outsmart a narcissist?

In some situations, you will have to confront the narcissist directly, and you will have to show maximum patience and endurance so as not to lose your temper.

Such individuals are very resourceful in terms of manipulation. Therefore, competing with them is harmful to emotional health.

The best way is to exclude communication with him, leave, interrupt the conversation, and turn off the phone.

In any case, do not try to convince him of something – This is useless, and you will only lose energy and spoil your mood for a long time. At the same time, the narcissist will receive moral and aesthetic pleasure from the fact that he has again emerged victorious.

Stay calm and unfazed no matter what the person says.  Do not give in to emotions, attempt to blame yourself, or feel negativity.

Try to distance yourself from the person. You don’t have to listen to his monologue if you are not interested.

The narcissist tires everyone around, so the best tactic is to ignore them. He must understand that you are not interested in him. At the same time, try to avoid aggressive actions and statements – only calmness.

How to humiliate a narcissist?

Even though narcissists themselves criticize other people, they do not tolerate those who criticize them, especially if criticism reveals their weaknesses. Find something that really annoys this person and express it directly in his face. Be prepared to resist.

Narcissists are afraid of betrayal even though they betray easily and without hesitation. When they leave, they get very anxious because they think most people should love them.

A person with narcissistic inclinations does not have a sense of humor and is not able to laugh at himself.

Pay attention to his blunder, whether it's a stain on his clothes or a mispronounced word, and he will feel offended.

Narcissists don’t like to be disrespected and disregarded. Their inner ego demands to be respected by everyone around them, even strangers. Just show them disrespect and make them feel invisible, and they will inevitably feel insulted.


If you have been emotionally and mental manipulation by someone who acts only selfishly and arrogantly, then make sure this is a narcissist. Congratulations! You survived their mental torture. Now you have seen the light. They hurt you in many ways, and you lower your leg. You’ve had enough.

It’s natural to want to take revenge on them and make them feel the pain they caused you. But flipping tables and playing your game is not as easy as it sounds. It is not easy, but possible.

So, if you want revenge on a narcissist to improve your personal life, show him how much you have become more successful and happy you are without him. A selfish person thinks that you cannot live without him, and you have to prove otherwise.

This fact hits his self-esteem. Enjoy life, and be insightful. You cannot pity a person who madly loves himself. He may try to get you back, but this is a road to nowhere since his behavior will remain the same. Furthermore, he will want to take revenge by leaving.

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