How to Know If Someone Deleted Messages on Messenger?

How do you know if someone deleted messages on Messenger? Have you been monitoring someone’s (for example your boyfriend or girlfriend) activities on Messenger for a long time, but when you look at their chats, you noticed some signs that make you suspect that he has deleted some messages or the whole message on Messenger.

So, in this article, you will find out our best tips to know if someone deleted messages on Messenger.

How to Know if Someone Deleted Messages on Messenger?

Can you tell if someone deleted messages on Messenger?

When a sender deletes a message from everyone on Messenger by clicking on Unsend, the message receiver can see it by looking at the error message ( unsent a message) that appears in its stead. Even after a message has been delivered and read by the receiver, and even after a few days, Facebook allows users to remove it. 

However, some indirect methods such as using some third Party Applications or checking the user's profile via his device can help you to know whether he has deleted messages on Messenger or not.

How to know if someone deleted messages on Messenger?

Chatting on Messenger is one of the most popular activities on the social networks of all time, which lends itself to many things, including infidelity. So if you want to know if someone deleted messages on Messenger, all you have to do is search for deleted messages through these four steps:

1. Use File Explorer to recover deleted messages in Messenger

The first step to making sure if the user deletes messages from Messenger chat is to go to Google Play and download File Explorer for free. Once the download and installation are complete, it will be time to do the following:
  1. Open the app
  2. Click the Storage or MicroSD Card button
  3. Choose the Android option
  4. Click on the data section
  5. Find the mentioned folder and open it with the name com.facebook.orca
  6. Select the cache folder in the popup screen, followed by fb_temp
If you follow the steps correctly, you will see on the screen every conversation of the user on Messenger, including deleted, without deleting any phrase.

2. Use Spy apps to monitor conversations on Messenger

Spy apps are one of the other alternative ways that can help you to know if someone deleted messages on Messenger or not. Currently, plenty of applications promise to be the allied tool to monitor your partner’s activities on various social networks and messaging services such as WhatsApp; many even offer the opportunity to go ahead and access your call history or other data of interest.

If you are one of those who need this kind of option, mSpy’s proposal is quite complete, but upfront, we warn you that a relationship based on mistrust doesn’t promise much.

When you suspect infidelity and dare to confront your boyfriend or girlfriend, in our view, no one will die of disappointment, but facing this disappointment will be better than prolonging a relationship in which you are likely to live deceived.

3. Ask directly the person

One of the best ways that you can follow, which will help you find out if someone has deleted the whole chat with you on Messenger, is by asking him politely if he did that, as this will save you time and will make you get a direct answer.

But if you suspect that your boyfriend or girlfriend is hiding something from you, of course, you will not resort to applying such a trick because, in the event of betrayal, you will never get a candid answer, but what will happen is that this person will know that you are monitoring him and will take more precautions before he takes his next step.

Ask the person directly to know if he deleted messages on Messenger

Although this method may be effective at times, its success, in the end, depends on your ability to persuade and your eloquence, where will these two characteristics play their decisive role in revealing the truth.

4. Get the user’s device to check his Messenger Chat

One of the other direct and fast ways to find out whether messages have been deleted or not by the user is by using the user’s phone and checking by yourself his Messenger Chat. This method will help you remove doubts permanently and make sure that the user has deleted messages or not.

Next, all you have to do is search for your name in the Messenger app from your smartphone, and the chat will appear on the chat screen. Then you may check whether the previous conversation is still visible or if the chat screen is blank and white.

Check his Messenger Chat

If you open the previous conversations and find the screen is empty of messages, it means that this person has deleted the whole chat with you. However, if you scroll up the chat screen and still see all of the previous messages, you can rest assured that they are still there and that the person has not deleted them.

Since the Facebook application gives its users the ability to delete and unsend messages that they have sent to other users on Messenger at any time, even if the recipient has seen the message or the message was sent a long time ago.

So as an added tip, if you find a very important part of the chat or messages that you may need later, take a screenshot of that part, which will remain with you as a backup even if the sender deletes the message later.


What happens when someone deletes a message on Messenger?

When you delete the message permanently for everyone, the message that was deleted will be replaced by a text (the user unsent a message) informing everyone in the chat that it was removed. 

Also, if you want to remove the message just for you, what will happen is that the message you sent will be deleted only for you, but not for other users who received the message. As a result, these users will not receive any notification telling them that you have removed this message, and therefore they will still be able to see this message at any time.

What is the difference between deleting and archiving Messenger chats?

As the name suggests, deleting is the standard feature available in almost all apps. With it, you can remove or delete the chat completely without the possibility of recovering it. On the other hand, archiving is a way to hide messages from your inbox without deleting them. You delete or hide it from the chat list, but it is still available in Messenger and can be easily retrieved.

When should you use delete or archive on Messenger?

Use the archive when you want to hide a specific conversation. or when you want a relaxed look for your Messenger without actually deleting any of your discussions.

Delete is an ideal option when you want to permanently delete messages in a chat. For example, if you accidentally share some important information, it makes sense to delete the conversation. Likewise, if you have a personal conversation in Messenger and someone wants to use Messenger, you can archive that topic for now.

Can someone tell when you delete a Messenger chat?

You'll be cautioned that deleting the message would result in the loss of your copy and asked to confirm by hitting the "Delete" button again. The message is then removed from your copy of the discussion, but it remains in the inbox of everyone to whom you sent it.

Can you see deleted messages on Messenger?

When you delete a message on Messenger, you will not be able to see it again, as it will be permanently deleted from the chat list. So before deleting it, you must make sure that you will not want to see this message again in the future.

Also, you should pay attention that even though you deleted the message, the recipient is still able to see it, so make sure to select the unsent message option when deleting the message.

Are deleted messages on Messenger not recoverable again?

As we all know, when you delete a message on Messenger, it will not be able to recover it again, thanks to the third-party applications that we mentioned at the beginning of the article, such as the File Explorer application, you will be able to recover all deleted messages on your device after following some steps.

How do you delete messages on Messenger from both sides permanently?

To permanently delete Messenger messages from both sides using your phone, You can follow these steps. First, hold down the message you wish to delete. Then click "Remove." When asked by whom you want to delete the message, choose Unsend. When prompted, confirm your selection.

Where do deleted messages on Messenger go?

Launch a web browser and navigate to Facebook. At the top of the page, click the Messenger symbol. At the bottom of the Messenger list, choose to See all in Messenger. Select Archived Chats from the menu by clicking the three-dot menu symbol next to Chats.

Is it possible to recover a deleted secret chat on Messenger?

When using a secret chat, a message that is deleted cannot be recovered. If you did not utilize the private chat and instead used the regular Messenger chat, you can see the archived messages.

What do others users see when you deactivate Messenger?

When you deactivate the Messenger app, what will happen is that you will be invisible. Nobody will be able to see your profile in the app. You will be unable to communicate with anyone. When you reactivate Messenger, it will instantly reactivate your Facebook account.

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