How to Send Pictures on Tinder? All You Need to Know

Can you send pictures on Tinder? And how do you send pictures on Tinder as a message? These two questions are among the most frequently asked questions by Tinder users. 

First, we have to mention that Tinder is a popular dating, chatting, and file-sharing app. In the course of communicating with a guy or girl, there is a desire to send your photo to appear in a favorable light in front of a potential future wife.

Having studied the entire arsenal of tools, the user may not find the answer to the question – How to send picture messages on Tinder? Surprisingly, the developers did not try to simplify the life of their users and did not provide for a direct possibility of exchanging photos in correspondence. 

However, sending media files is possible, but for this, you will have to perform a few additional steps.

In this article, we will discover the best ways that will enable you to send your pictures on Tinder.

How to Send Pictures on Tinder? All You Need to Know

  1. Can you send pictures on Tinder?
  2. Can you send pictures on Tinder Plus?
  3. How to send pictures on Tinder as a private message?
  4. How to send photos on Tinder through a profile?
  5. Other ways to send pictures on Tinder
  6. Reset image hosting link
  7. Social networks and instant messengers
  8. Sending a GIF picture
  9. Smart Photos
  10. Why can’t I upload photos to Tinder?
  11. Conclusion

Can you send pictures on Tinder?

No, It is not yet possible to send pictures on Tinder. This way, neither strangers nor matched users can send you photos. But you can send text messages, GIFs, and Bitmojis. It is still unclear whether you will be able to send pictures to each other via Tinder at some point. You’ll probably have to switch to other apps for that. However, there are some solutions that you can follow in this article.

Can you send pictures on Tinder Plus?

Tinder is free. However, there is a paid version called “Tinder Plus” that has a few more features. If you are a “Tinder Plus” user, for example, you can distribute more than one “Super Like” per day. But sending photos is also not possible for premium customers. It would be pretty unfair!

How to send pictures on Tinder as a private message?

The app only has the option to communicate via text messages. There is an opportunity to express your emotions with the help of GIFs. The Tinder app has a whole collection; the user just needs to select that person's name in the search bar and send the message. You cannot send a picture in a personal message.

The developers offer the user to upload all photos that he considers most attractive to his profile. There are no restrictions on the number.

How to send photos on Tinder through a profile?

This is one of the opportunities to show up to other users. The download is available via social networks, computers, or smartphones. Condition: the account holder must be present in the photo. To upload an image to a profile:
  1. Go to the settings section (tap on the pencil icon). 
  2. Click on the section “Add media files”.
  3. Select the desired photos from the Gallery.
Important: if the user has a subscription to the advanced functionality of the dating service (Gold or Plus), he has the opportunity to set restrictions in the settings. You can create a list of people who will be allowed to view uploaded files.

With uploaded files, the account owner can set them as an avatar, smart photo, delete them, etc.

Other ways to send pictures on Tinder

1. Reset the image hosting link

We found out that sending your photo on Tinder is only possible in a roundabout way, not directly. Another way is anonymous image hosting. For example, you can use
  • On the main page, tap on the “Start Upload” (the size limit is set to 32 MB)
  • Select files from the device storage and upload them to the service. After the end of the process, the system will generate links, special codes, and thumbnails, which the user can send in a personal message to the specified person.
The account owner can use any other 
image hosting service. The method is convenient, but many interlocutors may be afraid to follow links sent by a still unfamiliar person.

2. Social networks and messengers

With Tinder, thousands of people go on virtual dates every day. Single people looking for a partner and serious relationships use all the possibilities of the Internet.

Communication, which originated in the dating service, can be continued in social networks or instant messengers. It is enough to send your account link to the person and start chatting on another platform. 

Social networks and instant messengers make it possible to exchange not only photos but also video content directly without delays or difficulties.

3. Sending a GIF

As an alternative to the lack of an option to send pictures on Tinder in private, the creators of the service have created a collection of GIFs. Note that you cannot upload your version. You can only choose from the Tinder GIFs collection. For selection:
  • Click on the GIFs icon 
  • Enter a word or combinations thereof. The system will display gifs that match the query.
GIFs allow you to send a reaction as a photo on Tinder. In the updated version of the application, new emojis appeared, with which you can show your reaction to the interlocutor. 

Tinder designers have created a picture in the form of a glass filled with martinis. If desired, it can be virtually splashed out on an interlocutor who is bored. The emoji button is located to the left of the GIF section.

The company’s research has shown that chats that use animated pictures last twice as long, and users who use them get a response 30% more often.

4. Smart Photos

Tinder has developed a special section to help anyone to promote their account. If you have any doubts about the most attractive photo, you should activate the "Smart Photos" section. The system itself will determine which images are most likely to attract people.

  • Launch the application, and tap on the profile edit icon (pencil or “Edit”).
  • In the window that appears, find the appropriate section and activate it by moving the slider to the right.
Important: If you cannot activate the option, it means that your profile contains fewer than three uploaded photos. You just need to add more.

Why can’t I upload photos to Tinder?

There may be several reasons:
  • The downloaded content does not comply with the Tinder Terms of Service or Community Guidelines;
  • If it is not possible to upload photos from social networks, they are not in the public domain;
  • Unable to download from the device – the service does not have the necessary permissions.


We’ve found that it’s not possible to send pictures on Tinder in private messages. There are other options for this: uploading to a profile, through a file hosting service, using social networks, or instant messengers. 

Despite this limitation, the creators of the dating service have provided several tricks for effective pairing: a smart algorithm for choosing the most spectacular image, a collection of gifs, and animated emoticons. 

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