Thai Girls Best Tips for Meeting and Flirting with Her

What are the best Thai dating tips? How do to meet Thai girls? Thailand is considered one of the most beautiful Asian countries, especially if we talk about its wonderful beaches, diverse food, and the smile of its people.

But what distinguishes this country is another special thing, which is the Thai girls. So in this article, we will see together the best tips for successfully dating Thai girls.

Thai Girls Best Tips for Meeting and Flirting with Her

Best tips for dating Thai girls

You should know that Thai culture, due to its links with Buddhism, has fewer taboos when it comes to sex than in the West, for example. Thai women are generally less nervous and more comfortable with their sexual desires compared to other cultures that are more rigid, one might say. As well, making love with Thais is seen as a way to have fun and keep good spirits.

What are the different types of Thai girls you can meet there? How to meet girls from Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya? Was a 15-plus-hour trip in a low-cost location stuck between two seats worth it? The answer is: of course, yes.

1. Types of Thai girls: Thai Bar girls/gogo Thai girls/tourist girls

Types of Thai girls: Thai Bar girls/gogo Thai girls/tourist girls

She is the first type of Thai girl the average male tourist meets on his obligatory walk through one of the many beer bars on every tourist corner in Thailand. Not going to a girly bar when you’re single and young is like not tasting paella in Andalusia.

The Thai girl you meet in a tourist bar spends most of these evenings chatting with her girlfriends, waving on the road, and waiting for someone to come over to her. It is not uncommon to be relatively needy, come from a large family, or be a single mother. 

Phuket, Ba Tong, and Pattaya are places famous for the proliferation of bars of this style. 

All that’s left for you to do if you know how to mumble a few sentences of basic English is start a conversation about a drink, show your interest, and, in short, start a dialogue. 

Then, if you decide by mutual agreement to raise the equipment in your hotel room, you will have to pay a small fee to the club manager and negotiate the service with Miss according to your current form and how many hours you want to spend in your room.

If you can’t seduce and roll a Thai bar girl, you might as well stick to solitary pleasures because there is no hope for you! But there is a downside! Avoid falling into the trap of this kind of Thai girl! 

Despite her apparent sweetness, she is relatively rotten, and even if you decide to make her your girlfriend for the few remaining days, she will not fail to pounce on you once she smells money in your wallet. 

So with a few gifts that you won’t hesitate to ask for (fixing her motorbike; her grandfather’s dental expenses to pay; etc., her imagination in this field is fertile), so, a good plan just for short-term fun, which is not bad.

2. Best place to meet girls in thailand

Best place to meet girls in thailand

If you know the city of Bangkok or are planning a trip there, you will notice the exciting outfit. For us Americans, Thai students attending college wear a very black skirt and a short white blouse on top.

The Thai university girls come from the middle to affluent middle class, speak impeccable English, and have nothing to do with the Thai bar girls described above. Between 18 and 26, or even more, depending on education level, they are especially open to having beautiful cross-cultural encounters with Germans and their blond hair or fat and bald Americans who approach them.

They are new and fond of tales about the land of decent living and fashion, so it is easy to engage in a conversation. But where do you meet Thai students?

All you have to do is drag your van around the many universities in the capital, in particular, some of the most promising universities in terms of university dating: 
  • Chulalong University
  • Silpakorn University
  • Ramkhamhaeng University
  • Mahidol University! and other less well known
So, all you have to do is bask in the sun and make eye contact with your target.

You can meet them in cafes, bookstores, etc. A few words of the Thai language that you learned before leaving will allow you to improve your game by 99%.

It all depends on your age and your approach on the spot: Correct dress code for the average student, No plastic Big Lebowski sandals, and please don't put a dictionary in your pocket.

If you are between the ages of 18 and 24, then Thai female students should be your prime targets, whether you meet them at a disco, on-campus, or in a street. On the other hand, if you are older, you have your chances too.  Perhaps more on the side of Thai girls’ fast food.

3. Flirt a Thai girl and take her to the hotel

Seduce a Thai girl and bring her back to the hotel

Fast food ladies in Thailand are girls who have never had the chance to go to college and push themselves up the social ladder, but they remain worthy of our attention because they are very open, sociable, and relatively unshy about making a hot date a reality in a few hours.

The ideal is to approach with your smile on the best of days and learn by heart some seductive phrases in Thai:

You are beautiful: pen pooling say maak

Yo Nai: Where do you live?

Do not plan to finish the test at her house as you do in Miami, because she often supports her family and her brothers and sisters, so do not be stingy and invite her to the hotel.

The best dating websites to meet Thai girls online

The most famous one at that time was which is more of a forum now, but the opportunities are still there.

There are several websites, especially Anglo-Saxon, which have sprung up on the web, promising the lonely internet user to bring a beauty queen in his arms. 

We browse these sites by categories: age, description of the lady, smoker or not, party girl or not, interested in marriage or not, etc … 

Some basic advice relating to these Thai dating and flirting sites: many profiles are not updated and the photos remain on the site even if the girl is no longer available. Also, beware of scams (they are legion). Keep an eye out as you would on another well-known dating classified site. dating site was also known among foreigners in Thailand to meet “fun and cool” Thai girls. One of the most common scenarios is that you meet a Thai girl at a mall in the city you are in, give her a good Thai meal, and then follow up with a reciprocal massage in your apartment or hotel. Don’t worry.

Seducing a Thai girl is not in the same enthusiasm as seduction in the United States, some American girls are trying to make you feel guilty: “I slept on the first date, I shouldn’t do that, I shouldn't have done that” Bla, Bla, Bla. feel free to serve a drink in your room after dinner! 

There are not the same taboos on sex in Asia. Thai women are willing to please their men, so you may also take the opportunity to discover new fun stuff for two, inspired by the Kama Sutra, for example.

Another interesting dating website: is, which is part of the network, and therefore includes many registered from Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia to expand your online meeting with Asian women.


In summary, it is clear that Thailand offers many opportunities both in terms of one-off dating or for something more lasting, for example, a Thai girl you met last year, you will come back this year to meet her again (it’s very common, just keep in touch on Skype or Facebook, send money by Western Union if necessary).

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