No Matches on Tinder? 10 Tips for More Likes!

How to get more matches on tinder? You are regularly on Tinder and swipe through the profiles of pretty women. You swipe left and right until your fingers (almost) bleed. But every time you open the dating app again, you see the same disappointing result: you're not getting any matches on Tinder.

And you won't be liked by the hot ladies who you like so much.

Getting empty when it comes to online dating is pretty frustrating. Because without Match you can't write any messages to the girls - let alone meet them on real dates.

But that's no reason to angrily throw your phone in the corner ;-)

Because of my many years of experience, I know that there is a solution to every problem. First of all, I want to tell you that failure on Tinder has absolutely NOTHING to do with your looks. Not even with your job, money, and missing status symbols like an expensive car.

Because first of all, every normal man can look attractive if he takes really good pictures that show him from his chocolate side. And secondly, apart from the bad photos, there can be many other (often simple) reasons why you don't have any matches on Tinder.

So keep your head up and don't lose heart!

But how do you do to get more likes and matches on Tinder from beautiful ladies so that you can have a date regularly? To answer this important question, you will get the 10 best tips and assistance from me in this article.

No Matches on Tinder? 10 Tips for More Likes!

Why am I not getting matches on Tinder?

As you should know by now, women are quite picky when it comes to online dating - real "foodies" so to speak. The difference between the sexes is obvious: while we men on Tinder swipe almost all profiles to the right and distribute very generous likes, the girls mostly swipe to the left ("NOPE").

Because of this parsimony, many guys with average-looking pictures end up with little or no matches on Tinder.

The bitter truth is that an average handsome man would need to swipe right about 100x to 200x to turn it into a single match. So getting less than 1 match a day is normal.

But the good news is:

You don't have to share the sad fate of the masses. With better photos and many other tips and tricks for Tinder, you can easily break out of this statistic and IMMEDIATELY get significantly more matches than the lame average of unsuccessful men.

And now I'm going to show you exactly how to do it!

How to get more matches on tinder: 10 tips and solutions

No matches on Tinder

The fact that you need good pictures for online dating apps to get likes from attractive women should have got around to the last hermit by now. In addition to the photos, there are often other reasons why a man does not get matches on Tinder.

What are the possible reasons for the lack of success?

The additional stumbling blocks in the dating app range from technical problems and incorrect settings in your Tinder account to bad profile text and a battered algorithm.

So, let's take a good look at Tinder under the "bonnet" like a car in the garage and use these 10 tips to check why the old car isn't moving:

1. Technical problem in the app or on the mobile phone?

Okay, before we get down to business, you should first clarify for yourself whether everything is technically working properly.

Because if you don't have any matches on Tinder or they suddenly disappeared, it doesn't always have to be due to typical online dating mistakes (such as a lousy profile). The problems can also be related to the following technical quirks:

Bad or no internet connection:
  • Check whether your smartphone is correctly connected to the Internet and whether you are online at all.
  • If necessary, switch from the mobile Internet connection to the WLAN, for example, if your monthly data volume has been used up.
  • Or, conversely, switch from WLAN to mobile connection, for example, if there is a problem with the WLAN / router.
Technical errors in the app:
  • Download the latest version of the dating app (update) or completely reinstall the app.
  • Go to the app settings of your mobile operating system (Android or iOS) and clear the Tinder app cache.
  • Log out of the dating app and log back in.
  • Restart your smartphone completely.
No Tinder location sharing enabled:
  • For Tinder to be able to show you potential matches in your area when you swipe, you must allow the app access to your location.
  • Open the settings of your operating system (Android or iOS) and check whether you have shared your location with the Tinder app. If not, give permission.
The problem of missing matches can also be related to the fact that the app provider has a malfunction on the server.

This error often affects many other users equally. Check this page to see if Tinder has had an outage reported. There in the comment area, you will also find help and you can exchange information with other users about the technical problems.

Then it's time to wait and drink tea (or beer) until Tinder fixes the problem in its app and online dating can continue.

2. Check and correct the app settings

Check and correct the app settings

Don't panic if the users seem to ignore you and you don't get any matches on Tinder! This can also be caused by incorrect settings in the dating app, which can be fixed relatively easily. To check this, you should briefly go through the following steps:

In your Tinder account, open the settings menu (button with a gear icon) and activate these options:
  • Your current location - i.e. where you are (unless you deliberately use the "passport" feature to swipe elsewhere)
  • "Show me women" if you're a straight man
  • Set age and distance correctly (see below!)
  • See "Personalized Suggestions" instead of recently active people first
  • All women can see your profile when swiping - and not just those who you have given a like
  • "Show me on Tinder"
  • "Last activity" so that users can see that you were recently active in the app and are not dead
Two other important things in the app settings:

Go to "Edit" in your profile and deactivate the "Smart Photos" function, which you can find below your pictures (see screenshot below!). You should also check in the profile whether you have entered the gender and place of residence correctly.

As you can see, most of these tweaks prevent you from being displayed to any or too few women or the wrong people on Tinder.

Maybe these incorrect settings were a major reason why you haven't gotten any matches on Tinder lately.

3. Upload the perfect profile picture - as a portrait

It's always said that we men look much more at appearance when dating... women, on the other hand, pay attention to character. There may be some truth to that in real life, but the fact is :

In the online world, women usually only look at your profile photo and hardly bother to read your text, interests, and other information.

Apps like Tinder are just superficial businesses with likes and dislikes. The motto when swiping is like the famous kitchen roll (the one with the four letters): "Swipe and away!"

That's why the first impression has to be 100 percent convincing when the ladies look at your profile picture! So, the best measure to generate more likes and matches instantly is to create a new appealing profile photo.

That means avoiding the following mistakes in your main photo:

  • Use cheap selfies in front of the mirror as a profile photo
  • Full body photo because your face is way too small and barely recognizable
  • Showoff photos with six-pack/muscles or sports cars
  • Bad background in the photo, like a boring white wall, your untidy room, or the vehicle's interior
  • The picture with sunglasses, helmet, hat, and other things covering your face
  • Group photos because no one else will know who you are (or appear as if you already have a girlfriend)
  • Bad clothes, unattractive hairstyle, or grimaces in the photo
  • Pictures that are too dark or shaky
  • A picture that doesn't show you (but celebrities, comic figures, landscape shots, calendar sayings, and the like)
Do you recognize yourself with your photo in one of these mistakes and do you feel caught? Then we may have already found one of the reasons why you are not getting any matches on Tinder!

What your first picture in the gallery should look like

A nice, good-quality portrait photo is best for the main photo in online dating – if necessary, also by the photographer. "Portrait" means that you are shown from head to chest (crop photo in editing program if necessary):

A perfect man portrait picture

In the new picture, you should be perfectly styled (hairstyle, clothes) and smile smartly to present yourself from your best side. There should also be an exciting background, for example, a beach, sea, or mountains on vacation if you like to travel.

For optimal exposure, it's a huge bonus to take the photo during the "golden hour," which is just after sunrise or just before sunset.

Otherwise, you can also play a bit with saturation, brightness, and contrast during post-processing to put yourself in the right light. Higher-contrast images with less saturation are always attractive.

If the background is too distracting, you should blur it slightly (so-called "bokeh effect").

Feel free to try different photos if you don't get any matches on Tinder! The easiest way to do this is with the platform called "Photofeeler". Here you can have your photos rated by other users and also get feedback on what they (don't) like about the respective image.

It is best to test several profile photos against each other at the same time and see who is the winner in the end!

However, the image you end up using should score at least 7 points in all three categories (attractiveness, trustworthiness, and intelligence). Otherwise, it can happen that you still do not get any likes on Tinder.

4. Present more new photos - with cool hobbies

Many users also look at the other profile pictures in your gallery before a match if they like your main photo (the picture that is displayed first when swiping). Of course, you should also appear highly attractive in all other photos so that the women like you.

The point here is to present yourself and your hobbies as a really interesting personality that stands out from the average boring man.

Do you still have a proverbial "bad apple" in the basket that spoils your entire profile?

First, delete any embarrassing or boring photos from your account if you haven't gotten any matches on Tinder so far. Even if the first four pictures in your gallery look great, photo number five can spoil the excellent impression in one fell swoop!

Instead, show on ALL your new photos that you have an adventurous lifestyle full of cool hobbies and activities!

You can post the following types of photos here:
  • On holiday trips in great cities, on the beach, or while hiking
  • When diving, skateboarding, or winter sports
  • At concerts, festivals, or how you make music yourself
  • Together with your dog or other pets
  • At (classy!) parties together with cool people
  • How to give a presentation in front of a group at the seminar (if you want to let the smart business guy hang out)
  • And much more
There must be no posed profile pictures in which you pose artificially in front of the camera. Instead, they should be spontaneous snapshots that were taken “on the side” while you were in full action:

A man skateboarding

The woman will then see from the colorful snapshots in your profile that you are not a boring couch potato, but lead an interesting life.

Showing yourself like this makes you much more attractive as a man and brings significantly more likes and matches. A real boost for your success! Many a lady will think that she can spend an equally eventful time on the dates with you.

By the way, you can also simply link your Tinder account to Instagram if you have already posted many exciting pictures there.

5. Activate the "Smart Photos" function

Another trick you can use in the dating app is: Upload only (!) portrait photos to your gallery, as described above. Then turn on the “Smart Photos” feature, found just below the edit menu for the image gallery:

Activate the "Smart Photos" function

In practice, if this system works as well as it should, it's a brilliant way to get more matches. Tinder then automatically optimizes your chances of getting likes!

This optimization happens in two ways:
  • The program tests which of your photos gets the most likes from other users and is therefore the most attractive on average. The "winner" is then displayed preferentially to the ladies when swiping.
  • The program analyzes users' preferences and shows them images that match this pattern. For example, if a woman likes men on the beach a lot, Tinder will show her a picture of you standing on the beach.
Just give this strategy a try! If after a short time (three or four days) you still don't get any matches on Tinder, I advise you to deactivate "Smart Photos" again.

6. Write a new, meaningful profile text

Okay, sometimes some women open your profile on their cell phones and read the information that is stored there. These are often candidates who found your photos attractive/likable and now want to find out more about you as a man.

To generate more matches with such women on Tinder, you should provide an interesting self-description that puts you in the best possible light.

The biggest no-gos in your Tinder bio are:
  • Pure facts such as size, place of residence, or languages
  • Cheesy love sayings and well-worn quotes that you copied from the internet
  • Desperate-sounding texts, how long you've been single, how bad the last dates went, or that you are now looking for the "woman for life".
  • Just describing general hobbies and preferences that apply to 80% of men - for example, that you like to eat pizza, do sports, travel, and sometimes spend an evening on the couch watching Netflix
  • Describing meaningless character traits that you read in almost every profile - for example, "loyal, honest, humorous"
All of these are lame profile texts whose information is so general that it says absolutely nothing about you and your personality when it comes to online dating. This is wasted potential and often one of the reasons why men don't get matches on Tinder (or in comparable apps).

As a solution, there are two important rules for the profile text:
  • Be creative and funny to make the woman laugh. Humor immediately arouses sympathy and positive emotions!
  • Describe yourself so individually that the profile text is like your personal "fingerprint" - i.e. a description that is as specific as possible that only applies to you and says something unique about your character as a man!
An additional tip: Ask an interesting question in the text, for example: “ Do you prefer a camping holiday or a luxury hotel? ' Or, ' What was your craziest date? This tempts the woman to match you and maybe even text to you because she wants to answer your question!

7. Spruce up the Tinder algorithm

You don't get any matches in Tinder despite good pictures and descriptive texts? Then it may also be that you have "crashed" the algorithm - caused by unfavorable use of the dating app.

Spruce up the Tinder algorithm

Short explanation:

As you probably know, Tinder has a sophisticated algorithm that precisely analyzes user behavior in the app and sorts each user into an internal ranking (formerly called "Elo score").

The whole thing aims to make suitable partner suggestions for every user to increase the number and quality of matches.

However, certain behaviors lead to a "penalty" on Tinder, so you drop in the ranking - and your profile is shown to fewer women. According to rumors, this should even go as far as the dreaded "shadow ban", so that you become completely invisible to other users without noticing it.

These problems with the algorithm are a common reason why men don't get matches on Tinder.

Fortunately, you can use this to improve your algorithm:

  • Complete your profile and upload attractive photos if you haven't already done so
  • Go online frequently (preferably daily) on Tinder and swipe a lot
  • Look at the suggested profiles carefully instead of swiping at record speed
  • Only about 20 to 30 percent of the profiles like (because otherwise, you will achieve a bad ratio between received and given likes or you will even be suspected by Tinder as a fake bot)
  • Write to each of your matches and exchange many messages with them in the chat
  • Only dissolve an annoying match in exceptional cases
To get to the point: A lot of activity and sparing distribution of likes are among the most important factors for the Tinder algorithm.

However, you should not make the opposite mistake and be too picky when it comes to liking women. Because from a mathematical point of view, it is logical: The fewer profiles you like, the fewer matches can arise at all!

All of these measures should get your algorithm going again after a while so that attractive women see you more often.

If that still doesn't help, a complete reset of your account is the last resort.

With a fresh account, your Tinder algorithm will of course also be reset and you can avoid the previous mistakes to "maintain" it better. After registering, you will also receive a "newbie boost" as virtual "puppy protection", which gives you more visibility for a short time.

8. Adjust your search settings (radius and age).

You won't generate any matches in Tinder despite likes? This can simply be because some women like you, but you don't get their profiles suggested because they don't match your current search criteria.

Adjust your search settings to get matches on Tinder

Here is a simple example of these too narrowly defined search criteria:

A male user receives masses of likes from women aged 34 and over who are more than 20 kilometers away - but has indicated in the search settings that he is only looking for women aged 33 and under and within a maximum distance of 20 kilometers.

Or you have the opposite problem in the app, namely search criteria that are too broad:

You may be liking too many girls too far away who is significantly younger or older than you. Since you don't match their search criteria, they'll never see you swipe, and accordingly won't like back for a match.

To receive reasonable partner suggestions, you should make the following search settings:
  • Disable the passport feature and reset your location to your correct city
  • Adjust distance – depending on whether you live in a big city, small town, or in the country (e.g. within a 30 km radius in medium-sized cities, 10 km in large cities, and 50 km in the countryside)
  • Set age range to +/- 5 years (related to your age)
  • Disable the "Only show people in this space" option
  • Disable the option to search "worldwide".
Are you getting absolutely no matches in a sparsely populated region? Then it can be helpful to "beam" you to the next big city with the passport feature, where many users take notice.

There is also the possibility to immediately uncover the likes you have received and make a match out of each one. This can be done either with a free trick or with a convenient gold subscription.

Even if the dating app shows you the message that there are no more matches in Tinder in the area / nearby, you should expand the search radius and age range a bit. New profiles in your region will be suggested to you again.

Just experiment with the search settings yourself! Small changes can already have very positive effects here.

9. Stop liking the wrong women

The reason why you don't get matches on Tinder can also be a completely wrong loot scheme in the dating app. Maybe you give too many likes to users who don't like you back - for example because you're not their type?

If you look like a metal fan with long black hair and a brutal band shirt with skulls on your picture, you will hardly get a like from the hip-hop girl.

And a woman who has a lot of holiday photos in her profile will probably only like men who look like Indiana Jones in terms of type - i.e. who give the impression of the same enthusiasm about travel.

Therefore, always take a good look at the profiles of the women and study their pictures, texts and information. Then let the whole thing run over the cerebral cortex and ask yourself the question:

"Is this a potential partner who could be a personality match for me? Would we be the perfect match?”

Only if the answer is "yes" should you give her a like by swiping right - especially if you're using the free Tinder version with a like limit.

Stay away from the Instagram girls!

A woman in a bikini takes a selfie in front of a mirror another trap is why some guys don't get matches on Tinder or similar apps: they like too many profiles of really attractive fashion girls. By that, I mean artificial-looking top models who have hardly anything on their profile apart from all their bikini photos and beg to follow them on Instagram.

Sure, the temptation in online dating is great for us men to like sexy ladies with a hot profile picture.

But there is a high probability that they are attention-seeking "attention girls" who only want to collect compliments and followers for their Instagram account with their photos. So ladies who never seriously intend to meet a man on Tinder for a date.

Getting a Like back (and thus generating a match) is as unlikely as winning the lottery. At most, you can try your luck and text these women on Instagram.

10. Add information on "interests" and "lifestyle".

If you have had little or no matches on Tinder so far, this can simply be due to too many unsuitable partner suggestions. Who wants to like a person whose profile is opposite to their personality?

As the saying goes: Like attracts like. This also applies online...

To solve the problem, you should fill out your profile information in the app. The categories “interests” and “lifestyle” are particularly important here.
  • You can select a wide range of hobbies and preferences for interests – from camping to American football to eating sushi.
  • In the case of lifestyle, you can specify fact sheets like signs of the zodiac, smokers/non-smokers and pets, or whether you do sports.
The funny thing is that when you swipe, the Tinder algorithm then suggests more people who have given similar information in their profile as you. And vice versa, such women will of course also see you more often as a partner suggestion.

These similarities in interests and lifestyles immediately increase the chance of mutual sympathy. In addition to the number, this also increases the quality of the matches - a point that I find at least as important for success. This is how romantic dates come about in the end!

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