He Ignores Me But Doesn't Block Me: What Does He Want?

If your ex ignores your messages but still doesn't block you, he's defiant and wants to show it.

He thinks he's teaching you a lesson, and it would hurt you. It probably does that too, and in addition, you find the handling completely wrong.

He is probably the only one who knows exactly why he is ignoring you, and that can have different reasons.

Maybe you've texted him too often, or he's annoyed by you, but he still doesn't seem to want to give up contact completely.

He could block you and prevent you from writing to him.

He Ignores Me But Doesn't Block Me: What Does He Want?

In a way, he enjoys showing off his power by ignoring you. It seems he's too undecided to either give up on you forever or give you a chance to text him.

Writing him several more messages will not help in the current situation and will only support his behavior. Leave it alone until he realizes how childish his behavior is.

If you text him angrily or demand a response from him, he'll enjoy his show even more, and you should avoid that. Disrespectful behavior should never be encouraged, and now is your moment to show him that you're either going to be normal with each other or that you're going to back off.

He should decide whether it makes sense to ignore your messages. Or if he draws the line for himself and blocks you.

How he behaves towards you in the future is out of your control. The most important thing is to maintain self-respect, and you do that by accepting that he acts that way, whether it's good or bad.

Despite all caution, you should remain optimistic because he won't forget you that easily and will miss you. He will then have to decide for himself whether he wants to just let a woman like you go or whether he will approach you himself and even apologize to you for his unfair behavior.

Let's answer deeply the question "my ex ignores me but doesn't block me" and discover the most important reasons and motives behind this behavior.

What can I do if he ignores my messages but doesn't block me - 3 different cases

You're surprised that he ignores your messages but doesn't block you. Did you write something wrong, or why is he not texting you back?

It always depends on the context to be able to interpret the situation correctly.

The following 3 cases are shown in which it becomes clear what it means when he ignores your messages.

1. He's trying to stall you by delaying his response

Many people still believe it is better not to reply immediately to a message.

Whether in conversations between men or women, everyone knows the tip to take your time when answering to make yourself more attractive and busy.

Either he does it consciously, or he's really busy right now, and in the worst case, your message is lost.

2. You broke up during an argument, and he doesn't feel like answering you

It's hard to reconnect and resolve an argument over text messages, so he doesn't feel like texting you back and forth because he's too annoyed at the moment.

No matter what you write, he will ignore it and only reply after some time when he has calmed down. Until then, all you can do is wait and hope that he at least answers you briefly.

3. He's on the go and doesn't check his messages

Especially if you haven't written in a while and he's not on his cell phone anyway, it's possible that he didn't even notice your messages. He's traveling a lot at the moment and you were the only one he wrote to regularly in the relationship.

Besides you, he has little contact with others, and there is no reason for him to keep looking at his display.

He's hard to tell, but all you can do is wait and see if he still sees your messages and is happy to hear from you.

5 reasons why he ignores you

5 reasons why he ignores you

Even if you can't understand why your ex ignores you but doesn't block you, there are usually good reasons for him.

It would be more honest to tell you directly what he thinks, but apparently, he doesn't feel like it.

Even if you ask him directly, he will give you the wrong answer, so read the following reasons, and you will know why he is ignoring you.

1. Did you write to him very often?

For you, it is difficult to assess when there is too much news and what is still okay.

It also depends on your relationship, how recent the breakup is, and which of you broke up.

No matter what your current situation is, if he ignores you, then it was too many messages from you, and you should take two steps back.

You shouldn't keep texting or apologizing for texting him so many times. Let the situation between you relax a bit, now is not the right time to force your contact.

2. He needs to focus on his work/tasks

The separation takes him just as emotionally as it does you and he will think a lot about you. He can't concentrate on anything, and tasks are left undone.

Because he spends so much time brooding and constantly interrupted by messages, he decides not to answer anymore.

Any other texts from you will keep him from completing his tasks, which creates stress. He wants and needs to get his work done, and whoever bothers him will incur anger.

You don't want to be the reason why he doesn't get his job done and adds more stress to the whole emotional mess.

Let him do his chores, simple as that. He will respond when he has time again.

3. You seem too desperate to him

You probably know men who have already tried to flirt with you and you didn't feel like it at the moment. How did these men affect you? Attractive or pathetic?

You know the answer and you know how awful it is to see a desperate man give himself up and submit just to please a woman.

When you're in love, you have no idea what impression you're making. You hide behind doing everything just for love.

Can it be that you make a desperate impression on your ex-boyfriend and he doesn't want to tell you so directly?

If that's the case for you, accept what you did, don't be ashamed, and learn from it. He seems to take pity on you, otherwise, he would block you.

4. He's just not interested in you anymore

As sad as it sounds, it could also be that he has completely lost interest in you and is just ignoring your texts.

In that case, you can keep trying forever until he blocks you at some point or writes you a last message in anger.

Further contact is only advisable if it originates from him.

5. He needs distance and has to organize his thoughts first

Your ex-boyfriend is simply overwhelmed with the breakup and the current situation. He doesn't know what to answer you, whether he should answer you at all or whether he should block you.

He has thousands of thoughts in his head and therefore needs some distance. Only when he has calmed down will you be able to text him normally.

Why doesn't he block me?

Why doesn't he block me?

You texted your ex, but instead of blocking you, he receives your messages but doesn't reply. That irritates you, and you want to know what's behind it. What's on his mind?

He needs time to himself

After a breakup, you still have feelings for your ex and you may be hoping that he still has feelings for you and wants a new start for your love. But he doesn't respond to your messages and still doesn't block you.

On the one hand, this could be because he also still feels love for you but wants to clear his head at the moment and wants to be clear during a break as to whether and how things could go on with you two.

Surely the separation is also painful for him and he misses you, but he needs the distance to be able to think intensively about your relationship. Now he needs the time for himself to first focus on himself and then to be able to embark on a new path with new courage.

If you want to revive an old love, everyone must use the time to reflect on themselves, to recognize why the relationship was no longer running smoothly, and what could be changed so that you can be happy together again.

So you can take heart if he doesn't reply to your messages and wants to be clear about you first so you can enjoy your new love together again.

He doesn't know what to say

If he is not yet sure how to proceed with you, he will owe you an ill-considered answer. Surely he doesn't know how to deal with you after the breakup.

He doesn't know if you're sad or hurt, if you're mad at him, or if you're okay with the breakup. When men can't anticipate a woman's reaction, they tend to remain in the background and prefer not to respond to messages.


After the breakup, give both of you the time you need to settle down and think about each other. When the time comes, he will also contact you again, and maybe then nothing will stand in the way of a new edition of your love.

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