How to Win a Woman Back After Hurting Her

Do you regret hurting your girlfriend and are disappointed in yourself? She is important to you, and yet you hurt her so much with your behavior? You don't know how to proceed and you don't want to make another mistake.

The problem is, with each passing day, your chances that she'll forgive you and give you another chance decrease.

In addition, she is strongly influenced by her environment, and for her, you are the reason why she is feeling bad, even if she is superficially friendly to you. You have to change this image of yourself and that is hardly possible if you remain passive and wait.

I believe that you mean it honestly with her and that you are sorry for how you acted:

  • You feel guilty, but she blocks every attempt by you to apologize or even ignores you so that you have no chance to explain why you hurt her like that.
  • You're distraught over her dismissive ways, but begging her on your knees to forgive you won't get you anywhere either.
  • You don't want to waste time and act fast because you're afraid she might see you as the ruthless ex-boyfriend who ruined her life.
The good thing is: Despite your misconduct, their feelings for you won't just go away, and this is your chance!

How to Win a Woman Back After Hurting Her

What can you do if you hurt your girlfriend?

You know you hurt her, and you feel guilty, but at the same time, you want to help her, but you feel powerless at the moment.

Your need for harmony is great, but you are the reason why she is feeling bad, and she only gets angrier or sadder when you try to make it up to her with words of encouragement and apologies.

Your emotions cannot be turned off easily

You are uncomfortable and overwhelmed with the situation because you love her, and she despises you at the same time. Turning back time is impossible, and now she has to give her emotions the space they need.

Give her time and be the calming part, she will eventually calm down and then you have the chance to reach out to her and explain yourself for a solution-oriented, open, and honest conversation.

Why is your girlfriend hurt and disappointed in you?

Love is the strongest feeling there is in the world, and in a relationship you make yourself vulnerable and vulnerable because you learn to trust to be even closer to the other.

She gave you the most valuable thing she has, and that is her attention, the love, and the time she spent with you.

No matter what you hurt her with, you touched a sore spot with her that she associates with many painful experiences. She has lied to, betrayed, been left alone, neglected, or "deprived of the love" she desperately needs to feel complete.

Only when she loved you could you hurt and disappoint her, otherwise, she wouldn't care and would just immediately move on to the next guy or be alone.

Losing hope and trust in someone you care about is an emotional pain that many can barely bear and struggle with for years to come. That's the reason for her reaction, even if she doesn't want to admit it.

Can she forgive you, or is that impossible?

As strong as her emotions are and as painful as it is for your girlfriend at the moment, it will eventually be easier to honestly apologize for it.

What she needs is honesty and she wants you to respect her feelings without trying to downplay "It wasn't that bad." similar sentences that are completely out of place at the moment.

Don't rush into it, just let her know you're there when you need her. Proceed very carefully and empathetically and don't put pressure on her, otherwise, she will close herself off completely and block any attempt by you to apologize.

People make mistakes and should be allowed to make up for them. If she still cares about you, at least she'll accept your apology, and it'll make you feel better because she'll help you focus your thoughts on other positive things.

However, if she doesn't want to hear from you anymore and avoids you completely, you should respect that as well, as this is the most respectful thing you can do in the situation.

She doesn't owe you anything, and she doesn't have to listen to you. And now it's up to her to give you another chance to start over, or it's over forever.

I hurt my girlfriend so much, and I want her back - how can she forgive me?

Only she can know how much you hurt her, so it's hard to tell if she can forgive you if you sincerely apologize.

You've already taken the first step in realizing how much you've hurt your girlfriend, and some people never get to that point.

Everyone has unknowingly hurt another person in the past, sometimes without realizing it. That's why it's important to realize that you can't possibly always please a woman or other people.

Every woman deals with hurts differently, and some are very forgiving, but others will forever view you negatively and shut down completely.

You can't ask your girlfriend to forgive you and forgive how much you hurt her.


Winning back a woman you hurt takes a lot more than a simple apology. No matter how sorry you are, she needs time to truly forgive you and accept your apology.

The most important thing is to genuinely apologize to her without asking her to forgive you right away. Take the emotional burden that is on you and accept it as a life experience that you never want to experience again.

Approach her in small steps and gently, without pressure or pushing. It's about their feelings and not about using any tricks to make everything unforgettable. The only way you can prove to her by action is that you mean it and make it up to her.

Put aside your own needs first and give her the respect she deserves. Eventually, she will come to the point where she accepts that you have changed and she will be able to open up to you again.

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