Will My Ex Ever Unblock Me? 3 Reasons to Believe It!

Do you still think about your ex and miss them terribly? And are you wondering " Will my ex ever unblock me?" Well, if your ex has blocked you on their phone, Gmail, and social media accounts, there are bound to be reasons you should know.

Before trying to win back the love of your life, you should first ask yourself about your former relationship. To unblock the situation and get them to talk to you again, make the right choices and be honest with yourself.

Will My Ex Ever Unblock Me? 3 Reasons to Believe It!

Why is my ex blocking me?

Out of sight, out of mind: this Latin proverb has never been truer than when you're going through a breakup. To be honest with you, I lived in the same situation as you, I was very interested in human relations and the psychological factor of a breakup. So I have decided to share all my experiences with you.

Getting back your ex is never easy, especially after a painful breakup. However, you should never lose hope, and getting your ex back is always possible. You have been living a separation for several days, weeks, or months and your ex has blocked you on everything

The first thing to do is to analyze this breakup and understand why your couple broke up. Many breakups would be avoided if communication within the couple was privileged. Will my ex unblock me?

Analyze the reasons for the breakup

Precisely, the fact that they have blocked you means that your ex wants to cut off all means of communication like mobile phone, email, or social networks. It is a clear and definitive break to no longer communicate with you. 

This violent rejection means that you are necessarily partly responsible for this breakup. First of all, it is necessary to analyze the causes of this rupture. Blocking a person is an influential act in the age of social networks and the virtual world. Did they leave you with a crash?

After a heated argument? As a result of deception or adultery? Not harassing your ex with text messages seems logical. However, no one is rational when they are left behind and suffer a breakup. 

Those who are left suffer, in fact, from initially insurmountable trauma. There is only one step between hate and love, and the first moments of separation are the hardest.

Crying, anger, sadness, depression: all the emotions are heightened, and you move smoothly from one stage to another during the day. The whole thing is to leave time, first for yourself to see things more clearly, but also for your ex.

Do I have a chance of being unblocked by my ex? The ex is undoubtedly experiencing grief following a breakup, and if they have decided to cut off all contact, it is to rebuild themselves. You need to show empathy and understand why your ex decided to stop all contact with you.

My ex just needs some time and space

Because your ex blocked you and decided not to talk to you anymore, the ties are broken. Will my ex ever unblock me? 

To renew contact and try to get them back, you have to understand why. This attitude is synonymous with withdrawal, and the pain is still profound. By remembering your image and presence, your ex experiences pain and various feelings.

Perhaps it is anger, hatred, or grief, but in any case, it expresses a feeling. There is nothing more trying than silence in a relationship, and the fact that they blocked you is probably the most difficult test to go through, as is being ignored. ).

Then give your ex time to digest the breakup and temper their emotions. A break in contact is a strong signal that you should know how to interpret judiciously. You can first try to reconnect by offering to write or call each other on fixed dates.

Always with their permission and without forcing them to do anything, you can try to plan a meeting with them in a public place. Around a coffee or in a place that reminds you both of good memories, a date can allow you to unblock the situation. In case of refusal, take it upon yourself and do not insist.

How to reconnect with your ex

That your ex is blocking you and to come to such extremes is that the breakup was necessarily brutal and that you will have to put all the assets on your side so that they unlock you. Will my ex unblock me, and how do I get them to unblock me? Apologizing might be an ideal solution, but it is usually never enough.

Cases of deception, lying, or a severe event that led to the breakup require much more advanced means than a simple apology. Besides, what would you do since they blocked you? The first and foremost solution is to find a way to communicate with them.

If creating another Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media account can be simple, in reality, it is more complicated than that. Your ex knows you well and will undoubtedly suspect that it is you.

How to reconnect with your ex

An anonymous account or a fake account would not help the situation, because it arouses suspicion, then distrust, and even fear. Be honest and state your intentions explicitly. The best way is then to go through someone close to your ex.

Friends, family, classmates, or co-workers: why not write a personal handwritten letter “putting things straight” and replacing it all in context? Above all, do not try to make them feel guilty, you will only make the situation worse.

This is the best way to prevent your ex from unblocking you. Remorse and regrets are not to be rehashed, and there is no point in aggravating an already strained relationship. That you like it, yes, of course, but no “if you keep blocking me, I will do this or that…” 

So no threats, and don't try to force things, it will only make things worse. A handwritten letter remains, even today, in the digital age and social networks, the best way to express your feelings.

Writing is a healthy and laudable process and your ex may already be touched by the process. Far from being impersonal and a little cliche like offering flowers to be forgiven, the fact of writing proves that you are making efforts to win them back. 

Even if it's far from over yet, it's the beginning of a noble gesture. You can thus evoke in this letter your deepest and most intimate feelings.

My ex is testing their love for me

Talking about that happiest time of your life when you were with them is a good start. By remembering these moments of happiness and the first emotions of your relationship, it can awaken buried feelings in them. In the process of reconciliation and the perspective that they unblock you, it is a question of expressing the nature of your emotions in all sincerity.

This touching approach cannot leave your ex unmoved, and if they still have feelings for you, it's because you've hit the mark. If after that they still do not give any sign of love after a certain period, unfortunately, you will have to make up your mind.

If you're not getting any response or seeing any signs after all your hard work, it's time to move on and maybe think about starting a new relationship. Time heals all wounds, and they need to take a step back. 

Their feelings for you may be strong, but negative signals have prompted them to block you. They still feel resentful and need time to sort out their emotions.

My ex wants to know how I will react

Cutting ties with someone can also be a way of testing the other person's feelings. As a test, they can block you to find out if you care about them. In this case, you can always contact one of their acquaintances.

Show that you are constantly thinking of them and let those around you know! Be sure that they will hear what's going on and will know that you've been asking for news and that they miss you. 

Take this ordeal as a challenge and be patient. They still care about you, and time is on your side. Going through friends, relatives, or colleagues can nevertheless be perceived as an intrusion into their personal and intimate life. If you have acquaintances in common, avoid talking to their best friend.

Even without taking sides, which is challenging as a best friend, it puts people in a difficult situation and a role they generally don't appreciate.

My ex will unblock

My ex will unblock me when he realizes that I am the love of his life

What can I do when my ex comes back to prove to them that I have changed? Not complaining and providing a good self-image is essential to winning back your ex. If you make them feel guilty by showing your dismay and despair, it will reassure them that breaking off contact is the right way to proceed. 

On the contrary, remain dignified even if you suffer and show them the positive aspects of your personality, that you have gained confidence and maturity, and that you have changed.

By showing them that you have understood the reasons for the breakup and this lack of contact and that you have integrated them well, you give a positive image of yourself. When reconnecting, show, for example, that you are active on social media and you have activities. 

This reinforces your image and proves that you have self-esteem, that you have matured and gained confidence, and that you are overcoming this painful ordeal with courage. These positive signals are then perceived as a guarantee of trust, seriousness, and new commitment on a sound basis.

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